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Pregnancy Photos

Pregnancy is HARD. Some women love being pregnant. Like every moment of it; none of the other stuff seems to have any effect on them. I am not one of these women. Pregnancy sucks. Yes, I was thrilled to discover we were going to have a baby (the 2 babies thing took a little longer to get used to), but really, the 10 month journey was really difficult for me, physically and emotionally. I generally feel comfortable in my own skin. And then all of a sudden my body was not my own. Honestly my favorite part of this pregnancy was the amazing research study in which I participated. The Twin Fetal Growth Development Study was awesome! The researchers and sonographer were terrific and I learned so much more about the science of growing babies than was possible on my own. I’m so proud to be a part of it.
In any case, enjoy the following photos of me and my pregnant belly!

12 weeks
2nd Ultrasound – who knew babies looked like BABIES at 12 weeks!
22 weeks
22 weeks.  The 1st photo I dared to send to others. Beginning my “cute” phase of pregnancy, I loved my little round belly, sadly this phase lasted a fleeting 4 weeks.
25 weeks +-
Around 25 weeks, I liked that the kitty was the same shape as my belly.
29 weeks
30 weeks
30 weeks, the very last time I dressed up. We went to a lovely engagement party, stayed an hour and returned promptly home to pj pants and pizza.
32 weeks
32 weeks, officially the “uncomfortable” pregnancy phase. Which lasts forever.
34 weeks
34 weeks, I was having an off day.
35 weeks
35 weeks – I look happy. I want these babies out! Let’s play and go on walks!
36 weeks, I really wish labor would start.
37 weeks, if you look at me the wrong way your head might catch fire.

That was it!  The babies arrived at 37 weeks and 5 days.  Looking back I still can’t believe I carried them for 38 weeks.


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