Photos Galore

First moments home from the hospital, even Mike is excited.
Easter with Great Grandma Cleda

The first weekend after we returned home from our hospital stay was Easter which gave us a good opportunity to introduce the babies to one of their 4 Great Grandparents.  Great Grandma Cleda was pleased as punch to visit with them.

My mom “Mama B” came the evening before to stay for the next 2 weeks.  Thank goodness!  I don’t know what kind of state Will and I would be in without her at this point.  I admit I’m nervous for the state of things when she leaves this weekend.  She has been a lifesaver, feeding me, allowing me to rest, helping with feedings, bath-time, changing diapers (we have a lot of diaper changes), laundry (see previous comment on a lot of diapers – we’re using cloth in case any didn’t know…yeah yeah crazy, twins, cloth diapers, I’ve heard it…they’re also saving us $, saving the bums of L & T from diaper rash, saving the landfills from at least our babies’ share of disposables, call me if you want the full rundown of reasons).  Anyways she’s been taking loads of photos, so weeks 2 and 3 of their lives are well documented.  Be prepared for major adorable-ness.

Lucie’s yawns are the cutest damn things on the PLANET
The lips, the lips


Happy Tie-Dye
Thanks to the Portland Aunties!



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