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One Month Old…Already?!

So the twins are actually 5 weeks old this week – I meant to post this last week, but alas 2 needy babies keep a girl kinda busy.  How can they be 5 weeks already?  But they are growing like weeds in a garden.  This was confirmed at the pediatricians office yesterday.  Teddy weighed in first at 8 lbs 13 oz and 21 and 3/4 inches and Lucie June weighed in at a chubby 9 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches.  Wow-zer!  They are both almost 3 full pounds bigger than 5 weeks ago, and Teddy is more than 3 inches longer.  The following photo was taken when they were newborn, and the one after I took yesterday…they are so changed!  One of my favorite changes so far is the 2 sets of big blue eyes that stare back at me all day long.  Teddy’s are a little more grey and he keeps this wrinkly skeptical look on his face all the time.  Lucie’s are big, wide and sparkly like her cousin Aiden’s.  My sister Becca calls them “blue diamonds.”

The babies and I are looking forward to meeting all of our Pennsylvania family and friends in just 2 weeks.  Sister Jessica is flying in from Colorado to travel with us on our first airplane ride – I am NOT brave enough to even think of attempting such a thing on my own.  I am really excited to introduce T and L to everyone back in Pittsburgh area.  We will even get to see all of the high school girlfriends for Courtney’s baby shower to celebrate her baby due to arrive this summer, hooray!

Today our friend Monica came over to spend the whole day with us, and we even went out for lunch another first!  They were so good, just napped in the stroller and enjoyed the walk to and from the sandwich shop.  A few weeks ago, Mama B and I started a weekly tradition of baking Cupcakes with Sprinkles for their birthday celebration (I will remember to take a picture next week…maybe…).  Today Monica and I made Brownie Cupcakes and they are yummy.  A huge thank you to Monica for hanging out the whole day with us meltdowns and all, it was awesome to have you here for company and an extra set of hands.  We’ll train you up in baby care quicker than you can change Teddy’s diaper, ha!

Anyways, enjoy the photos everyone! XO

Bella Hospital Photo
taken the day or two after they were born by the hospital photographer
Lucie’s big blue eyes, and I think 2 lbs of Teddy’s weight is carried in his cheeks. The boy is packing marshmallows!
From Mama B’s last photo session, about 10 days ago
Lucie June

4 thoughts on “One Month Old…Already?!

  1. We love looking at your beautiful babies xoxo
    Aunt Sue, Cousins Tami & Billy (visiting from Texas)

  2. Aww, I just saw this! I LOVED spending the day with you all! And i’m glad it didn’t feel like taking care of 3 babies instead of 2. 🙂 I’m going to keep practicing diaper changes…maybe on jasper…so next time Teddy won’t be so traumatized and i’ll be so fast he won’t even know what happened! *fingers crossed*

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