Monthly Markers

6 Weeks Old

So this post is more about the cupcakes than the babies.  I tried to take some nice photos the other day of the babies…I just don’t have the patience of Mama B for it!  As usual, Lucie was much more cooperative than Teddy, which is the general scenario around here.  “Teddy Grumbles” is really reenforcing that nickname.  He did however give me his first smiles a few days ago.  This was a real mood lifter for Will and I as we were starting to be reeeaaaal wary of his yelling.  An occasional smile goes a long way…life lesson people.  You can yell all day long at your parents as long as you flash them a grin once in awhile, all is forgiven – at least momentarily.

A pretty typical look for Mr. Grumbles
Making conversation?

To mark their 6 week cupcake birthday last week I was feeling like chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.  They turned out yummy AND pretty.  I found the recipe on a blog (Chocolate Cake Recipe), the only changes I made were substituting brewed coffee for the hot water and espresso powder which I didn’t have on hand.



So happy 6 weeks to Lucie Sprinkles and Teddy Cupcake!  Since I’m behind (again) posting this, they are 2 days away from the 7 week anniversary.  There will be no baking this week because we are heading to Pittsburgh!!!  So many firsts ahead of us, first flight, first meetings for lots of family and friends.  Wish me luck in the traveling, I am NERVOUS.  Here goes nothing…
As always, enjoy the photos!


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