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2 Months Old/Pilgrimage

We are just returned from the dreaded, traumatic, 2 month check-up with the Pediatrician.  First the good.  The babies are 9 weeks old tomorrow and Theodore weighs in at 10 lbs 15 oz and 23 inches, the measurements vary on the percentile chart, but for boys he’s a peanut averaging in the 25th percentile.  Lucie June weighs 11 lbs 1 oz (Teddy has all but caught her!) and is a little shorter than her brother at 22 inches.  She averages about 50th percentile for girls.  So they’re doing A-OK.  They look and feel big to me but are relatively little tykes.  The only bad is that they (and I) had to endure the 2 month round of immunizations.  Which was awful, awful, awful.  Especially since I went to the appointment alone and could only comfort one baby at a time!  NEVER doing that again.  Ever.  Did I mention it was awful?

5-21-13 (1)

Rice Krispie Sprinkle Cupcakes

In other news, I survived the baby’s first trip to Pittsburgh (hence the title portion “Pilgrimage” – though I don’t think Will would necessarily agree with Pittsburgh’s status as a holy place.  Who cares, it is to me!).  I was so so nervous to fly with T and L without Will, but sister Jessie (AKA awesome ah-mahzing Aunt Jess) flew in from Colorado to travel with the twins and I.  She met us curbside at Midway Airport here in Chicago and got to play Mommy for the following 5 days.  She deserves the Sister of the Year Award, seriously.  She spent 4 of the 5 nights at my dad’s waking up every few hours to help me feed, change, and put the twins back to sleep.  She took one night off to go do 25 year old things with her girlfriend, and who filled in but Super Uncle Ben (yes, he gets Brother of the Year, he not only got up at night with us, but picked up pizza, and fended off the wild puppy dog, and so much more).  In any case, the babies were angels on the airplane and traveling both ways went without a hitch.

We had the greatest time visiting family and friends.  I loved getting to introduce the babies to everyone while they are still so close to being newborn.  They are so lucky to have 3 maternal great grandparents, and aunts, uncles, and cousins galore!  Plus all the honorary Aunties (my high school girlfriends) got lots of quality twin snuggle time in (thanks again to Ben for picking up and baking us pizza!).  And absolute TOPS was seeing all four twin cousins lined up together.  Wild.  Oh and because I am terrible at remembering to take photos (and consequently my camera disappeared somewhere at my dad’s house), thank you Becca for giving me some nice photos to use!

The gorgeous Mama-to-be at her Baby Shower with Teddy and Lucie June
Teddy and Auntie Alexa
Twin Cousins! Teddy is the only one crying…typical
My 1st Mother’s Day

For those interested in Sprinkles and Cupcakes’ weekly baking projects, last week was brownies AND banana muffins, this week…Rice Krispies – in cupcake form.  With sprinkles, of course.  Even more delicious than in square form.

Rice Krispie Sprinkle Cupcakes

In other news, today is Will and mine’s 2nd Wedding Anniversary.  Cheers!

Moidel-Cross_wedding-425 1
Happy Memories!

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