Must Have Twin Stuff · Twins

Things without which I cannot live, and which I never thought I would need at all

1. Pacifiers – This little thing is fairly obvious, but whoever transformed the finger into a rubber nipple to suck on, and which lasts indefinitely is a GENIUS and I want to give them a big High-Five.

2. Moby Wrap – An ancient remedy for 4th trimester crying, wearing your baby.  And another modern goldmine.  A few weeks ago I thought to myself, I need a way to attach Teddy Grumbles to my body so he is less grumbly and I have my hands free to do, like, anything.  Enter Moby!  T is so much happier all wrapped up against me.  And it’s comfy to boot!

Sleeping Teddy – happy me

3. TwinZ Pillow – this “double boppy” is indispensable.  It’s a perfect place for the babies to rest.  It’s comfy to nap in, and I do all their feedings in it when I’m running things solo.  Plus it fits perfectly on our large ottoman to make a rolling baby island in our living room.

4. The Miracle Blanket – the babies are in a regular old swaddle wrap in the picture below, but the Miracle Blanket is like a straight jacket.  A swaddle from which there is no escape!  I swear it swaddles them into submission and there’s nothing left to do but sleep.  Love it.

Swaddled on the TwinZ
Lucie June waking up on the wrong side of the pillow, sheesh!
Check out Teddy’s fuzzy head! We joke that the Mikey cat is no longer the fuzziest member of the family

5. Baby Activity Mat – it’s so fun to have a 20 min baby-sitter while I do stuff around the house.  This thing is so flashy, it plays music, blinks lights, has all sorts of animals and bright colors, it holds their attention for at least a little while!

So many fun things to look at!


This is Teddy’s “study” face.  He wears it when he’s examining paintings, pictures in the books we read, everything.  Oh the books!  I’ve been reading to them for weeks, but just yesterday on their 10 week birthday, they actually paid attention for the first time!  We were reading Madeline, Lucie focused on me while I read, and Teddy studied the pictures on each and every page wearing that face.  Too damn cute.

The babies 10 week cupcake project was zucchini muffins!  Dee-lish


I’m sure this list will grow and change along with the babies!


4 thoughts on “Things without which I cannot live, and which I never thought I would need at all

  1. I love reading to babies who pay attention!! Sometimes I catch Kman and AJ watching me read instead of looking at the book, and have to remind them what we’re doing!! Teddy is SOO fuzzy now. At this rate his hair will be longer than Aiden’s!

  2. They are precious!! I’m with ya on the pacifiers. I would trade every piece of baby gear for pacifiers if it came down to it. And when the terrible teething kicks in…invaluable!!

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