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The Sleep Issue

This week it has been my mission to begin a regular morning nap.  There is so much to do in the mornings, and I’ve noticed the days during which the babies take a really good morning nap, we are all happier.  I get my necessary chores finished (or at least started), and they wake up refreshed and ready for afternoon play time.  Now, we are pretty lucky that Miss Lucie June has been all but sleeping through the night for almost a month now.  And by sleeping through the night I mean she goes to bed between 8:30-10pm and wakes up between 3-5am to eat, and back to bed til about 7am.  Pretty good!  Especially considering she’s been doing this since about 7 weeks old (they’re 11 weeks today).  Young Theodore is a different story.  The baby books I’ve been reading define him as a “challenging personality” HA!  He goes to bed same time as his sister, but wakes every 2-4 hours.  And not just grumbling either, but YELLING.  Oy vey, the yelling.  And we are lucky to get to 4 hours.  I don’t know if he’s hungrier at night, or hasn’t fallen into the longer sleep patterns at night because he’s a little more immature, or he’s looking for us for comfort, or what, but he has no trouble going to sleep and lots of trouble staying asleep.  So I’m working on a regular morning nap.  Yesterday it worked great.  Today, he woke up 4x’s in 2 hours.  He is obviously so tired, I don’t know what is waking him up.  Poor Teddy.

So I mentioned necessary morning chores.  One of these is washing diapers, and now that the weather is nice I’ve been hanging them on our back porch in the sun to dry.  They look so pretty all lined up and colorful!  This is one day’s worth of diapers, and if you’re curious, we use Bumgenius and Kawaii pocket diapers (which are waterproof on the colored side, and lined with a microfiber fleece on the other, then stuffed with an absorbent microfiber pad which I dry in the dryer), and Thirsties covers (which are unlined, and go over the old-fashioned style flat diapers that you fold around baby).  They are awesome and I love not buying disposables and throwing them away to live forever in a landfill.


Part of our playtime everyday is tummy time of course!  Sometimes we use the TwinZ pillow which is really fun because the babies are at eye-level if we sit on the floor.  Check out how much fun they have playing with Daddy!  Teddy just wants to stare at his mama.  Yes, he’s wearing mittens because I’m terrified to cut his nails and when he gets upset he scratches himself.  Oh, and ever amusing to us here in the Cross household, as Teddy’s head grows evermore fuzzy, Lucie June remains bald, bald, bald.  Maybe even balder than the day she was born.

DSC_0756 DSC_0749


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