Not too much to talk about this is past week I suppose.  The twins have been going through their 3 month growth spurt so I spent most of last week feeding their seemingly endless hunger.  Sunday was a very very sleepy day, they must have been converting all of those calories into growing!  They slept til 8am, up for 2 hours, took a 2 hour morning, up for about 2.5 hours, Lucie slept another 2 hours in the afternoon, and Teddy slept 4!  He got up at 6, ate, bath for both, Lucie asleep straight away at 7:30, Teddy asleep at 8:15.  I love days like those.  They are cheery when awake and have such restful sleep.  I even took an afternoon nap!  I swear they woke up Monday morning visibly bigger.

New this past week, Lucie is rolling to her side.  They are definitely noticing each other now, I catch them staring at one another during playtime on the mat, but they’re not really “talking” to each other yet.  Soon!  I love how in the first photo on the left here you can see all their “friends” gathered around on the playmat.  There’s Monkey, Mouse, Teddy the Bear, and Lucie the Goosie.  What is really cool is all of a sudden the babies seem super alert and wide-eyed.  They are no longer just squishy little newborns.  The 4th trimester is totally over.  They don’t want to spend the whole day swaddled swinging between sleepy and starving.  They can actually enjoy being outside laying on a blanket and staring at trees overhead.  It’s amazing to watch them absorb the world.


Will’s 1st Father’s Day

We are all going on our first family vacation this weekend!  I’m so excited, we are headed to Charleston, South Carolina to spend the week with all my siblings, nieces, nephews, and Papa.  2 airplane trips in their first 4 months, sheesh.  I can’t wait to dip their baby toes in the ocean!
Oh and check out Teddy’s lips, they are so JUICY



One thought on “Playtime

  1. Wonderful post…full of fun news and great pictures.

    Happy Father’s Day to Will….Love the pic of Will and the babies.

    Have a great trip with your family and extended family. I’ll hit up your Dad for pictures of everyone.

    Much love, Aunt Nancy

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