Milestones · Twins


So I know I already posted once this week, but I had to relay the most recent milestone to everyone. Teddy rolled over for the first time yesterday and Lucie June followed this morning! We were doing some naked tummy letting their bums get some fresh air, and Teddy was inch-worming his way up and down the big ottoman. He started to get really frustrated and squirming and pushing with his legs and over he went! I don’t know if it was really on purpose or not, but he stopped fussing and looked at me all surprised like “What just happened? The view is different!” And I just happened to be taking his picture when he went over. Naked baby bums are the cutest and I couldn’t resist the documentation of his especially cute baby bum.



And he went and rolled over again today so we know it wasn’t a fluke. Lucie June was sort of doing the same thing as her brother was doing yesterday with the pushing squirming fussing trio and over she went! So I flipped her over, turned on video, and she did it again! So fun. Playtime is so much better than last month.  Unfortunately the type of video my phone took isn’t supported by this blog, or I don’t pay for enough space or something…so if you want to see the video email me (juliaemcross at gmail) and I’ll send it to you that way. XO


3 thoughts on “Milestone!

  1. It Is always so exciting when they do something new. I can’t wait to hear what Teddy and Lucie June do next. Have a great vacation.

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