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I Love July

Cause it’s summer, and it’s our – mine and Will’s – birthday month.  I love birthdays.  Last year for my birthday I got pregnancy nausea.  Yay. Didn’t know it was twins yet, but I knew I felt like I had the worst hangover ever for like a whole week.  I don’t know if it was the extra high hormone levels from the 2 embryos or what, but I had symptoms like, the day after.  Some warning signs of twins for all you people, early onset pregnancy nausea (I refuse to call it morning sickness cause it lasted for every second of every day for 10 straight weeks.  Luckily nowadays we have the internet, which enables us to moan to our spouses constantly.  So that they know exactly how crappy we fetus carriers are feeling, and they feel totally bad for us and take us to Greek Town to the ONE gyro place in the whole of Chicago that has the good gryos, or that ONE burger place with the wicked nutella milkshakes), early food aversions (couldn’t even THINK of yogurt for the entire 38 weeks), and cracking that dang egg.  To backtrack just a hair, I told my sister Becca who was about 4 months pregnant with twins about day after that positive stick, and her husband says to us “it’s probably twins.”  About a week later, I was making a birthday cake for Mama Patti, cracked an egg…with two eggs yolks.  Yup.  Took a photo and send it immediately to Becca.  So in addition to mine and my huband’s reproductive systems, I also hold Keith responsible for the twin jinx.  I mean good fortune 🙂  I guess it was just meant to be, or I’m really so competitive that I couldn’t let my sister have all the glory.  However you explain it, it’s really really awesome to have kids the same time as your sister, let alone us both having multiples.  We seriously understand what the other is going through.  I’ve been searching high and low for that egg picture and can’t find it.  Drat!

Back to the actual babies.  This week for T and L life has been about grabbing.  Their toys, clothes, my hair, great fun!  They are still working on coordinated movements of course, but when they get a hold of something they grip on tightly.  It’s super cute when that thing is one of their fluffy stuffed animals, not so much when it’s my hair all tangled in their sticky little fingers.  Which are now always sticky because they are always being sucked on.  I guess it’s a “welcome to the next 4 years,” right?

Teddy playing with his “froggy kitty.”  Yes I know that description doesn’t make a lot of sense.  I have like 1000 nicknames for the cat.  Since then, all animals have become some type of kitty.  Most popular is “garbage kitty” which is actually a raccoon.  This toy has a frog head, thus froggy kitty.

They have also, in general, become good nappers/sleepers.  It’s all about routine.  Routine, routine, routine.  Stick to the same method of doing things, in the same order, at the same times, and voila!  A sleeping baby (ies).  It’s especially helpful for bedtime.  Starting about 6pm we do naked time in the living room, then bath (because they inevitably pee everywhere), lotion massage, story (if they’re not too tired), swaddle, bottle, song (again, if they’re not too tired – which translates to loudly crying), and then they are laid down in their cribs – awake between 7-7:30pm.  They fuss for like 2 minutes, sometimes not at all, and go to sleep…for HOURS.  Teddy generally gets up at some point for a bottle, Lucie between 3-4am, and sometimes like last night she sleeps straight through 12 hours.  And then they get up for the day with Will around 7am.  It’s pretty great.  Some nights are still up and down of course, but they’re pretty good for the most part.  I keep hearing about a 4 month sleep regression which I am desperately hoping we don’t meet.  They are technically 4 months in weeks this Wednesday, but their 4 month birthday is July 20th.  Quick tangent – this whole keeping track of age in weeks and months is ridiculous.  If your kid is “22 weeks,” just call him 5 and 1/2 months.  Same thing when the number of months gets too high.  I can’t do the math that fast and I confuse easily.  Back to sleeping – so of course we’re going to totally upend everything and drive 7 hours north to Wisconsin at the end of the month and see how our routine translates to a long weekend away from home and all those hours in a car.  I know, please don’t say it.  We’re crazy, and I’m going to be back here complaining about our stupidity, I know it already.  We really want to go to the lake and hang out with friends.  So we’re going, and so are the babies.

Naked time. Teddy has marshmallows in his cheeks, Lucie has them stacked up on her arms.

Anyways, this week they are grabbing stuff, rolling to their sides all the time, sucking hands very noisily, and this weekend they wore their very first 3-6mth size clothing!  It’s a little long on Lucie, but not too baggy.  Teddy is opposite, length is perfect and very baggy!  Their body types couldn’t be more different.  She is rounded out and roll-y, he is long and hardly has any rolls at all.  OH and Lucie started growing some fuzz on her head…stayed tuned for hair.   Cheers!

Lucie’s fancy dress is a gift from Aunt Rachael. Orange is TOTALLY her color.
He was trying so so hard to roll to his belly from his side there. Darn elbow was the only impediment.


Our First Independence Day

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