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Happy 4 Month Birthday!

This Saturday the 20th is officially their 4 month birthday!  I’ve stopped counting age in weeks now, so that is why the extra week or two between birthdays this time.  So the grabbing started a few weeks ago, it started out with holding onto and tugging on their clothes and in the last week they’re holding onto everything, blankets, toys, Lucie June even got ahold of her bottle yesterday!  I think they’ve hit this so-called 4 month “sleep regression.”  They’re back to waking up several times a night for eating, comforting, what have you.  I read somewhere on the internet that sleep regressions occur around when babies are achieving a physical milestone.  It’s like when your brain is so active and busy processing that you can’t sleep.  I don’t know how true this is being that I found it on a random website, but it makes some sense to me.  The babies are super busy trying to figure out rolling onto their bellies and getting over that blasted arm preventing the final turn.  They are also working on those motor skills that allow them to see an object and grab it intentionally – and then put it in their mouth.  The third thing I’ve noticed them working on is little baby situps when they’re laying at an inclined position.  When we read stories on the TwinZ they are both constantly engaging those core muscles and lifting their heads up off the pillow.  Pretty cool.  So hopefully in another couple of days they are back to their long sleep stretches and not waking up so darn early.  7am is cool, 5am is decidedly NOT.  Especially when they’ve had their dad and I up 2 or 3 times each during the night.  Oh and they are wearing the next size in clothes now!  We are starting to retire those 3 month outfits and trade them up for 3-6 mth stuff.  It’s fun, and like getting a whole new wardrobe.  Lucky them, there are some super cute summer things in this next size, yay!

Lastly, I want to welcome the twin’s newest cousin and Lucie June’s newest BFF to the world Luciana!! Big, big hugs and congratulations to my dear friends Courtney and Jonathan.  The time has absolutely flown since I passed the twins around at her baby shower.  It’s been 2.5 months since then, Lucie and Teddy are like totally different babies.  They roll over, they chit-chat, they grab stuff, they pay attention to stories, take regular naps, sleep (most of the time) through the night, and are a good 4 lbs bigger I think.  They have their 4 month wellness appointment on Monday, so real stats are coming soon.

They were laying on their tummies next to each other, and then LJ rolled into her brother. Too Cute.




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