They did it!!  They were working so hard all day yesterday to get over that shoulder.  I started helping with a little push and lots of cheering so they wouldn’t be scared when they went over.  Then during our naked playtime just before bath and bed, Teddy went over!  I picked him up and was telling him how awesome he is and then Lucie went over too!  I know, I know, athletes these two.  THEN during my 4am Lucie wake up call I peeked in Teddy’s crib and there he was sleeping on his tummy.  First time.  I poked him to make sure he was still alive (all this SIDS stuff is beaten into me and I’m certain of the worst if they sleep on their stomachs) and after much internal deliberation ended up just leaving him on his tummy.  “Don’t poke the bear” being my fallback at ALL times.  Will said when he woke him up for 7am breakfast that Teddy was totally surprised to wake up like that.  But they both woke up super happy today after a busy baby work day yesterday and a very very good nights sleep.  For us too!
No pictures this time, so sorry.

Happy Weekend!


One thought on “Rolling!

  1. I just love reading about dear Teddy and Lucie. It is great that they do the same things, at the same time. Give them a big KISS from their Great Aunt Terri.

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