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4 Months Well


Yesterday was our 4 month visit to the Pediatrician.  Here are the numbers:

Lucie June

13 lbs 6 oz, 24.25 inches, 50th percentile for weight and height.  The pediatrician remarked “She’s perfect.”  Yes, yes, I know.



13 lbs 2 oz, 25 inches, 25th percentile for weight 50th percentile for height.  Our Teddy has chicken legs and a big milk belly.  Not his fault, ask Uncle Ben and the Ciccone cousins, he comes by his skinny legs honestly.  He measures a little small, but he’s growing and gaining appropriately so nothing to worry about.


So looking back to my guesses at 3 months, I was probably right on!  I guessed just over 12 lbs for the both of them and length was about 1.5 inches less than they measured yesterday.  Also interesting to note, they weigh like exactly the same as the Rickel twins at their 4 mth checkup.  Crazy, right?  Kaleb and Aiden were born a full pound smaller and caught up in no time.  Partially because my sister is a relentless force-feeder, also they’re nice sturdy boys at 7.5 mths.  L and T got the second round of vaccinations as well, this time went much better than the first.  My girlfriend Allison was able to come along to help hold babies, thank you SO much Allison, for serious.  She suggested, brilliantly, that we take the twins in their carriers instead of the stroller which worked terrifically.  Since the office is only around the corner, it was quicker getting in and out of the house, and after the shots we could scoop them up and cuddle them in to help the crying.  Smart!

Teddy is in love with his plastic keys.  They’re the current favorite toy.  Lucie likes Sophie Giraffe.  That thing is being chewed on all day long.  I don’t think she’s teething yet, I think she’s just very oral.  She sucks on her hands to self-soothe, she puts everything in her mouth, my fingers, toys, blankets, whatever.  I guess that’s why she’s the good nurser.  Oral from moment one – like me I guess with my awful nail-biting habit.  Except for the pacifier, she liked it ok in the beginning but wants nothing to do with it now.  Teddy is way more grabby, he likes to get his hands on everything, but isn’t really sticking them in his mouth so much yet.  He is off the paci as well.  I keep trying it, hoping that it will prove to be a magic cry-stopper at some point again, but I suppose one less thing that requires weaning isn’t such a bad thing either.


So off to the north woods this weekend, hooray!!  It’s going to be cool and fresh, and these babies are going for a swim in that lake whether they like it or not (probably not).  I’m determined.  Fingers crossed for an easy drive!


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