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Family Wisco

Wisco (13)“Wisco” is the nickname lovingly bestowed upon our friend’s family cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin.  As in, “Wisco is so awesome” and “check out my new hockey jersey for Winter Wisco.”  Will goes up traditionally with his buddies for a summer trip and a winter trip.  I, obviously am super jealous as I love the woods, lakes, and vacations in general.  I’ve been advocating for Couples Wisco for years.  Finally girls allowed!  We made the drive up this past weekend to the awesome cabin on Sand Lake near Spooner, Wisconsin – which is quite literally in the middle of nowhere and totally amazing – with 2 other couples and 0 other kids (all the more hands to pass around the twins).  Thank you LaSota’s for sharing your fantastic cabin with us!  With the exception of Thursday and a few hours on Friday it rained all weekend and hovered around 55 degrees, brrrrr.  So we watched a few movies and the babies took excellent naps.  And everyone had fun playing with the twins.  We even took them to the fabled Jo Mama’s Diner for breakfast…where I ate 3 giant pancakes, 2 eggs, bacon, and hash browns.  YUM.

Wisco (39)
Checking out the stripes on the blanket

Wisco (64)

Wisco (67)
Lucie June and her buddy Sarah

The temperature dropped about 15 degrees right after these photos, so we retreated inside.

Wisco (3)
Cousin’s Club founders Katie and Sarah
Wisco (5)
Nick D and T Bear
Wisco (2)
She’s such a Goose

The babies are becoming very well traveled, they’ve been to one new state for each month of life!  And overall they were very good on their first car trip, taking long naps, eating on the go, and they didn’t start going banana-pants until the last hour or two.  Other than a diaper leak or two and some minor spitup issues, it was a pretty peaceful trip.  And by sticking to our daily routine, we have no major freakouts.  They napped easily and slept well all night!  Must be that fresh cold air, right?  Lucie is on a streak, sleeping all night through for almost a whole week now.  Teddy is still up, but made it through last night from 11:30-5:30, so he’s showing some improvement as well.

So far, I’m loving this age at 4 months.  New this week, eye-hand coordination is improving.  Teddy swings his arms at the dangling toys from the playmat hitting them like they’re little punching bags, and they’re both reaching up for their bottles and gripping them.  Lucie loves practicing standing up, her legs are super strong!  Teddy still likes to curl up his legs when you try to stand him up, but he rolls back and forth way more often than his sister.  My bet is, she’ll be the 1st to stand on her own, and he’ll be 1st to be mobile and crawling.

So July was so great and we have lots to look forward to in August!  The twins’ Auntie BFF, my friend Jody and her son Ryan (Lucie’s future boyfriend) are coming to visit in just 2.5 weeks!  I haven’t seen them since I was 14wks pregnant and Ryan was a teeny tiny 2mths old on my last trip to Boston.  I CAN’T WAIT.  And THEN, my brother Ben is flying to Chicago to travel with the twins and I to visit Mama B, Jessie, Becca, Kaleb, and Aiden in Colorado.  My mom’s little mountain house is gonna be crammed to the gills with her 4 babies and 4 grandbabies.  It’s gonna be craaazy awesome.

Wisco (55)grip


3 thoughts on “Family Wisco

  1. Looks like you guys had such a great time in Wisco. It’s great to see Girls Allowed at the Boys Club and so great to see everyone’s faces!!! Love and miss you! xo

  2. Awesome story, and sounds like a great place to be. The twins are getting so big. I can’t wait to see pictures of them with the Rickle Twins. You are all going to have so much fun. All my love, Great Aunt Terri.

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