Sweet Spot

We are totally in the 4 month sweet spot. Or what at times also feels like the eye of the hurricane. The babies are flippin’ awesome. No one is demanding to go back into the womb or to eat every 10 minutes.  No one is teething, throwing tantrums, or eating dust bunnies.  They play in one spot because they can’t go anywhere yet.  Of course we still have our grumpy days, and the nights when no one feels like sleeping, or the days when I get puked on over and over and over again. But, for the most part they are happy, chatty, smiling, chubby, BABIES.  The newborn days are behind us and toddler-dom is still in the distance.  4 months is the Baby Sweet Spot.

These pictures are hilarious for the fact that Mikey Cat is determined not to lose his spot on the chair.  Teddy even tipped over onto him at one point.  Mike stared daggers at the baby but didn’t even flinch.


This picture is the first time I’m really seeing Teddy looking like his Daddy. Like A LOT, he even has the same haircut! He’s such a little man.
Lucie June LOVES to practice standing
She is so fashionable in this dress. Baby Gap has some serious baby fashion going on.

  DSC_1172 DSC_1227 DSC_1229

Not much else to report the past week.  Lucie is working hard at grabbing her toes, but isn’t quite there yet, maybe next week.  Oh, there was a moment this past weekend when Will was doing a little work at home while the babies were napping.  We remembered how he would try to work at home in the beginning of this whole baby thing, would get about 45 seconds into something and a baby would cry and I would tell him “it’ll get better in a few months.”  I am happy to report, it’s a few months.  Yay!


One thought on “Sweet Spot

  1. I love this. This brings me back…. 🙂 Our (boy/girl) twins actually just turned 18 (years) 🙂 last month, and now they are getting ready to go off to college(s) in 2 weeks.. Every day, every year, every stage just gets better and better. And I really love having twins. (there really is “that twin thing”) 🙂 Congratulations ! . ♥ ♥

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