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Teddy Ten Toes

It’s official!  Toe grabbing has begun.  Teddy is super into it and tries to suck on his toes.  He can by the way, the flexibility is incredible.  It’s no secret that we love our nicknames (the kitty, the babies, everything really), we are calling him “teddy toes” now.  Lucie can do it too, but doesn’t seem as pumped by the new trick.  She does giggle though!  It’s adorable and I spent like a whole hour yesterday making her do it over and over.  She laughs, I laugh, it’s awesome.


Their 1st time sitting up in the stroller. They loved it, I didn’t hear one whining peep out of them for the whole walk.


They so look like I caught them up to something naughty, right?


Tomorrow evening Jody and Ryan are coming to see us I can’t wait!  I set up our office/guest room/baby gear depository yesterday with the comfy air mattress and the pack ‘n play for Ryan.  It’s a little cramped, but looks comfy enough!  Today’s project is working on toddler proofing the apartment from 0-3 feet.  Which is going to be impossible, and will mostly entail picking up anything he can put in his mouth and moving it higher.   But I guess I’m going to have to do it anyways for in another month or 2 when the twins go mobile (they’re 5 mths next week can you believe it?).  I HAVE to remember to take some pictures this weekend.  I am so terrible at remembering to do take photos when we have visitors around.

Oh and as a side note, I had a checkup with my ob/gyn yesterday and took the twins downtown to the office with me.  (Everything is fine AND I’m 9 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight, breastfeeding twins is awesome).  My doctor, as I have mentioned, is a mom of 4.5 yr old twins and is 38 weeks pregnant.  I haven’t seen her since she delivered T and L 5 months ago.  She had the freakin TINIEST little full term belly I have ever seen.  To be fair, she is a tiny woman and I have only seen full term twin bellies in the recent past so compared to THAT, yeah she looked tiny.  She laughed at me when I told her I was jealous…38 weeks and all working and walking around like it was no big thing.  Good grief, I was so miserable 2 weeks from birth.  It almost made me want to have one more just to know if being pregnant with a singleton is easier.  Almost.  The babies did great on the trek, considering it meant missing their morning nap.  They caused quite the commotion in the office, we had 4 or 5 nurses stopping in to hold the babies and tell me how cute they are with their big blue eyes.  It was fun.  On that note, sorry for the crappy phone photos this week and happy weekend it’s gonna be a good one!


One thought on “Teddy Ten Toes

  1. Love the pics. keep them coming. pretty soon you can have pics of all 4babies when at your moms. I can’t wait to see them. We are going to CO on Set. 25th thru Oct. 5th. wish you all would be there too. All my love. Great Aunt Terri

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