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It’s like the Patty Duke Show

Does anyone remember that show?  Or am I the only 31 year old who watched a lot of Nick-at-Night as a kid.  Anyways, if you get the reference, you now the theme song “But they’re cousins/Identical cousins and you’ll find/They look alike, they talk alike/etc…We’ve got the cousins thing, but quadruplets instead of twins.  And no one is identical…in fact, besides having blue eyes, these 4 babies all look really different from one another.  So it’s really nothing like the Patty Duke Show.  Check out the Best.Photo.Ever


Stop. It.  Seriously could they be any cuter?  Reason #3495 twins are awesome: matching overalls, and knit hats from Aunt Nancy

Aiden (on the far left) didn’t feel much like smiling for photos, he was clearly thinking we adults are insane people for all the noise and faces we were making trying to get everyone to look here or there.

Can’t get enough baby cheeks!

We had the nicest time playing in the woods with everyone.  Mama B’s house was full up and I was so lucky to have some friends come up and visit from Denver over the weekend.  First was my girlfriend Jen from college who had a very handsome little boy named Grayson just 2.5 months after the twins, and her husband and sister.  We went on a quick walk in the woods with all 5 babies between 3 mths and 9 mths.  5!


Next were friends from Chicago, Kyle and Emily who moved to Denver about 6 months ago.  We had dinner, they tented out in my mom’s yard, which was pretty awesome, and I neglected to get a photo with them.  Boo.  Thank you to all my awesome friends who drove to my mom’s in the middle of nowhere to visit with the twins and I.  You guys rock.

The rest of the week was pretty low key, we spent a lot of time taking pictures of the cousins, for obvious reasons, and mostly hung out at my mom’s and at my sister’s house.  The twins did great on their 3rd plane trip and with the exception of messing with Teddy’s appetite a bit, the change in altitude wasn’t a factor at all (my mom’s house is at 10,600 ft – as a point of comparison, Chicago is at 500 ft).  High Fives to Uncle Ben for being an awesome travel buddy.

The cousins Kaleb and Aiden are 9 months now and are everywhere!  Nothing is safe, especially the cat food and any electronic type cord laying around.  Oh and shoes – for some reason Aiden likes chewing on shoes.

Aiden top left, Kaleb top right
Lucie is very into headbands these days
Mama B in the middle with her 4 babies and 4 grandbabies

Once again, with the exception of the one group shot in the woods, all photo creds go to Becca and (my) Mama.  It was an amazing trip, I loved the fresh air and mountains and deep green forests, and mostly seeing my family.  Can’t wait til next time, hopefully Will can come and we don’t have to miss each other for an entire week.  Next up: Papa Eddie coming next week!


One thought on “It’s like the Patty Duke Show

  1. It was so great to see you and the babies AND the whole family. Love the picture of all the twins in the overalls and the last picture with your mom is just beautiful! Until the next trip! xo

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