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September Heat Wave

Well, it’s almost 100 degrees and humid for the second day in a row, so the twins and I are stuck inside til it cools off a little. And so, we are practicing their newest trick sitting!  And since they are sitting up so well, this past Saturday we tried proper FOOD for the 1st time!  I was hell bent on waiting until 6 months of age, but the last week they both were showing so much interest in what I was eating – I swear you could see the path Lucie’s eyes made following my spoon from my yogurt to my mouth, plus the sitting up, plus they are drooling everywhere, and from what I read, there are enzymes in drool that help with digestion of solids.  Anyways, I brought home some whole grain baby oatmeal and mixed it up with breastmilk on Saturday.  They LOVED it!  They ate 3 tablespoons between the two of them and barely spilled a drop.  Teddy made the funniest faces with the first couple of spoonfuls and Lucie tries to lap it off the spoon like a puppy, ha!  Today we added some banana to their cereal, food is fun!  This picture is from the first evening.  Lucie is now yelling at me when I am not fast enough getting back to her turn.  Miss Impatient.  And she also thinks that her fingers have to follow every bite into her mouth.

So for her it goes like this: Yell for the spoon.  Tongue comes out to lap up the cereal.  I get the spoon partially into her mouth with her trying to chew/lick the spoon.  Once I get the spoon out, 5-10 fingers are immediately inserted into her mouth where she drools cereal all over them and she sucks the cereal from her fingers.  I move on for Teddy’s turn.  Repeat from beginning.

After the first couple of bites Teddy is now more interested in escaping from the baby chair.  He arches his back and if he were just a little bigger he would be flipping himself right out of that chair.  I’m gonna have to watch this kid.

I know some of us are not fans of “food on face photos”, but how funny is his devilish grin?!

Here are a few photos from our playtime this afternoon.  The babies practiced their yoga moves.  Teddy’s favorite is Upward Dog and Lucie likes practicing her Locust Pose.  Teddy is pushing his arms straight and getting his whole belly off the floor now.  I really think he is going to be off and crawling before we know it.  LJ is turning into a real headband kind of girl.



T Bear playing with T Bear. It’s little blurry, he’s a busy boy!


Just cause she’s pretty

4 thoughts on “September Heat Wave

  1. WEll, I’m so glad i’m still up….and checking my mail this made it worthwhile! So incredibly cute and wonderful.

    I loved the pictures from Colorado…..but the photos of T and L eating and Teddy’s devilish grin is the best! So glad food is going well. And your descriptions really make me laugh out loud.

    I’m already looking forward to the next post……also looking forward to Friday when the weather will take a turn for the better xoxo.Aunt Nan

  2. one more thing…it looks like “downward dog” is taking place on one of GRandma Muriel’s blankets….yes? Anyway, great photo….

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