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2 Little Monkeys Swinging in the Trees

Well, not the trees, but swinging at the playground!!!  I have literally been waiting for this moment since I got that positive preg test.  And then, the opportunity to put 2 babies in a swing and take pictures of them was almost too much to wait for.  But IT’S HERE!!!  Check them out


So freaking cute I can’t even take it.

My dad drove in to visit for a few days earlier this week and the babies had a great time swinging away with Grandpa Eddie.  We walked up to the park every day in the gorgeous weather and play for a long time on the swings.  It was glorious.


My dad, always with the cigar.  I miss him already and hope he come back to visit again SOON.

I’m working on a few other posts right now with loads of pictures, especially because the babies have their HALF BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!  Check back over the next few days for 6 month stats and photos.  I’m also working on taking some family type 6 month photos with my friends Jason and Amber.  Jason took photos for us after our engagement and for the wedding.  He is awesome and I love working with him.  So lots of fun stuff in store.  See you back here soon!


One thought on “2 Little Monkeys Swinging in the Trees

  1. Very precious pics, Jules. Teddy and Lucie June are getting so big. It is hard to believe they will be 6mos. Tomorrow. keep up the great posts. Hugs and Kisses from Great Aunt Terri.

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