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Happy Happy Half Birthday!


Holy Crap.  We made it to 6 Months Old.  Everyone (including Will and I) is still ALIVE.  And not only alive but WELL!  And growing!

Our wellness checkup with the pediatrician went very well.  Stats are:

Lucie JuneBug: 15 lbs 14 oz (we’ll give her the 16 oof), 25 and 1/4 inches tall.  She’s 50th percentile for height and weight and her noggin is up to 75th percentile.  She has a big ‘ol head with lots of good brains.


Teddy GrumBear is a string bean: 14 lbs 13 oz (we’ll give him the 15), 26 inches tall.  He’s 10th percentile for weight, 50th for height, and 10th for head size.  He’s all very proportional, just long and skinny with a little head like his mama (fun fact, I can still wear kids sizes in hats).

Dr. Egues commented enthusiastically that they are very different from one another, which is really fun to see.  They eat pretty much the same amounts of things – maybe Lucie is more excited about solid food than her brother – but Teddy must have a killer metabolism.  Doc suggested giving him foods that are a big higher in fat like avocados to help him out a little.  I was going to try pears next, but avocado it is!  They are doing super well overall, and it’s interesting that they have different strengths.  Teddy is physically really strong.  He is always pushing up from his tummy, he can get into a full plank position now with his belly and legs up off the ground, and this week he pushed onto his knees for the first time.  It only lasts for a moment, but just the fact that he gets up off his belly is amazing to me.  Lucie June doesn’t care so much about getting up off her belly, she’s content to sit/lay wherever you put her.  She plays with her feet and whatever toys she gets ahold of and babbles and squeals.  The girl loves hearing her own voice.  Teddy talks too, but in little squeaks and O’s.  And he is very thoughtful when you speak to him, considering what you’re saying and listening.  Lucie likes to talk over you.  They are so funny these days!

This weekend we have a playdate with the Cross family, AND special treat, Uncle Bryan and Aunt Samantha are here to visit as well!  Sidenote: Upon hearing the twins’ waredrobe was devoid of Chicago Bears fan gear Uncle Bryan promptly sent Bears PJs.  Thank you Bryan!

I didn’t have the best luck with photos this time around, they were not being very cooperative yesterday.  But I managed to get a few of Teddy I really like and one of Lucie June helping me fold laundry earlier this week I love.  Happy weekend to all!


Ooooo warm blankets from the dryer!
Beautiful Boy
Aren’t you DYING to kiss his lips? He loves kisses, he opens his mouth wide and kisses back.



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