Not much happening around here these days.  We’ve been spending the pleasant end of summer weather meeting friends at the park, swinging, and going on long walks.  And of course, lots of playtime on the floor at home.  Teddy has some fresh skills to show off, he’s been practicing for a few weeks now.

Hands, Knees, and Toes



We did take a trip on Monday evening to the United Center (home of the Chicago Blackhawks) to introduce T and L to The Stanley Cup, which was pretty awesome.


We are going apple picking this weekend, which will be super fun.  The babies have been telling me, “we want applesauce!”  So that is our next food adventure.  They are eating so well now and are having oatmeal, banana, mango, avocado, pear, sweet potato, and butternut squash on a regular basis.  I need another vegetable for them, I’m thinking I’ll go with something that isn’t so sweet since they’ve had lots of sweet stuff so far.  They have liked everything pretty well.  Teddy took some warming up to avocado, and Lucie kept making a “sour” face with mango the 1st time which was pretty funny.
This past Saturday our friends Molly and Bryan watched the twins for a few hours so Will and I could run some errands sans babies.  Super thanks to them for being awesome babysitters and entertaining babies for the afternoon!  L and T loved playtime with them…they told me so 🙂  Cheers all!


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