Apples are Delicious


So we picked a whole bushel! There were honeycrisp, golden delicious, red delicious, jonathan, and the best of all, braeburn.  I’ve been looking forward to this adventure since the wee ones were born.  Oh, and there were donuts.  Most of you know I love donuts.  During my pregnancy, donuts were the #1 (on an actual list) of foods that make babies happy, thus making mama happy.  The orchard we went to this past weekend does this thing where they make your donuts right there while you wait and it takes like 45 seconds.  We got a dozen, vanilla frosted, chocolate frosted, cinnamon sugar, and plain.  They were HOT and soft and sweet and like HEAVEN.  If there had been custard filled I may have died.  It was all I could to not to eat the whole box.

Back to the actual apple picking…after we checked out the herd of goats, the nice big pig, and ate our donuts, we strapped on the babies and headed into the orchard.  Teddy tried to grab at leaves and then promptly fell asleep.  Lucie June had a blast.  She sucked juice from apples, smacking her lips and genuinely enjoyed herself.  We walked all around and made it back into the car just in time for a thunderstorm to hit.  Needless to say, we are flush with fresh apples and I used about half of them to make a giant batch of applesauce which the twins have been enjoying all week.  I jarred a bunch of it to enjoy over the winter as well.  Yum!



I saw this photo of Lucie (left) and I thought it was my nephew. That’s Kaleb on the right. They look more like siblings instead of cousins. So crazy!
Taking a vinegar bath
My kitchen assistants
Being like squirrels and storing apples for the winter

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