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7 Months Adorable


The twins celebrated their 7 month birthday geez, a week ago already.  I swear, I have no idea how month 6 disappeared so fast. Kinda like that batch of Rice Krispie Treats I made last week…poof!  Into thin air.  Last week was kinda slow which is why I didn’t post anything, but we had LOTS going on this week.  We have babies on the MOVE.  Teddy has been up on his knees and rocking for awhile, but Lucie June is up and away herself for about a week now and is scootching backwards.  Teddy is setting the milestone bar pretty high these days.  He spent the last week spinning 360s on his stomach, and Friday night he moved his hands for the first time and crawled forwards!  He practiced all weekend and can make it across the living room carpet as of today.  AND as if that is not enough, as I was folding diapers out of the laundry basket, he pulled up to his knees and then STOOD UP.  The kid is serious.  He did it in the time it took me to turn around and grab my phone to take a pic of him on his knees.  I can’t even believe he is moving so fast.  I thought babies were supposed to work on things for a little while!  Poor Lucie is watching him move all around and whining.  He comes over, takes her toy, and is off again.  I have a feeling she’s not going to be too far behind him – for survival’s sake.

Month 7 has been a bear so far – month 6 was a breeze in comparison.  This past week both babies were struggling to sleep well, having rocky naps during the day, fussy and irritable during the day, you name it.  I don’t know what to blame it on!  Teething, growth spurt, brain development, separation anxiety (oh yeah, they now both wail when Will or I leaves the room…even if they can still see us).  Who even knows the reason.  It’s been crazy.  Last night finally we got a good one and boy was it needed.

crawling to Dada for the first time
Standing solo for the first time

We also had some amazing visitors!  My college roommate and one of my favorite people in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD came from North Carolina with her husband and their baby.  Sarah K, David and baby Bryant who is 5 months old this week and one big boy.  He is bigger than the twins, and such a sweet, happy boy, and so very cute.  His dimples are just…and I could just kiss his chubby cheeks all day long.  The babies all had fun playing together, and I was totally spoiled having all the extra hands around all weekend.  Today on my own was exhausting, even though the twins slept great last night and napped well today.  Part of the job I guess!!  We also had another 1st, out to lunch with a big group of people.  We went to Cullens (where I worked for 4.5 years, so I didn’t feel too badly going in with all of the babies), and met a few other friends there for a bite.  Lucie, Teddy, and I had to duck out a bit early, but they were terrific for 2 whole hours out in public during a busy lunch.








Uncle Mike

Annnnnd, our friends Jason and Amber came over Sunday morning to take a few family photos and have breakfast, so as soon as Jason has a chance to edit and stuff I’ll put them up here!  I’m sure we got a few good ones in there, Jason did engagement photos for us and was our wedding photographer as well.  He’s pretty awesome.

Lastly, I made a chocolate cake…I was supposed to make something for the twins half birthday, so here is their birthday cake a month behind schedule.  It was yummy, I ate half of it by myself.

I guess it’s Halloween this week?  We’ll dress everyone up next year 🙂  It’ll give me some time to think up a really good twin costume.  Have a good one everyone!



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