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Crazy Eights

DSC_0462 - Copy

Oh my god, aren’t her expressions hilarious?!!  She is always making silly faces like this.

8 Months!  And what a crazy period for busy babies.  They are both crawling EVERYwhere.  Teddy has officially eaten cat food (more than once), I can’t seem to pick up the cat food and water bowls fast enough and still have them around so poor Uncle Mike can find his stuff.  The twins always seem to get to the water dish in the 5 seconds it is on the ground and within reach before I pick it up and BOOM they’re swimming in cat drinking water on the floor.  And we’re changing clothes for the 3rd time.  I blame it on double babies…I turn my back on one to watch the other crawling away and the first one is finger-painting in water (or eating kitty crunchies or whatever).  I am absolutely positive it is only going to get worse.

We don’t have a wellness check up until next month, so I have no clue how “big” they are right now.  Lucie is definitely heavier than Teddy, and I think he’s still a smidge taller than her.  She also has more teeth!!  She popped her two bottom teeth in the last week and he’s got nothing yet.  She’s so sweet I hardly noticed a difference in her behavior.  A shorter nap here and there, but overall not a terrible experience.  Teddy is going to give me the complete opposite experience I’m sure, they are always working from the opposite ends of the baby spectrum.  Like in hair…he has lots, she isn’t quite bald but practically.

So enjoy the photos and I’m going to try to take lots while we’re in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving next week.  I know I always say that and never take a one.  My intentions are good!  And Happy Thanksgiving to all if I don’t put up anything next week.  Cheers!





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