Thanksgiving Fun

So I totally took pictures!  They all came out horribly.  I am apologizing in advance for blurry shots and bad lighting.  Aunt Nancy sent me a few that were nice, so there’s that at least!

For all my worry, the babes did terrifically on the drive.  No complaints from the Goose, Teddy survived with no major meltdowns.  He would play with a toy, whimper, resign himself to the fact that he’s stuck in the blasted carseat, and go back to sleep.  Good babies.  We had a very busy visit with everyone in Pittsburgh, but I am so happy we could be there.  Lucie and Teddy got to see family and friends they hadn’t seen since they were a wee 6 weeks old, and they met their newest “cousin” Luciana.  We spent Friday evening on a day when the twins outright skipped their afternoon nap with my girlfriends at Courtney’s parents house where the twins proceeded to go berserk.  Lucie threw up on the carpet, they whined, explored every new nook and cranny, and outright lost it at 6pm (5 on their central time).  It was wonderful to hug my friends and meet the baby, but I left wishing I had more time to talk to them and hear the news.  The twins are so GOOD these days!  It’s too bad that one was an off day.  Dang, the holidays are tough with babies, and sometimes I hate living so far from people!

the girls and Teddy too

Back to turkey.  Aunt Nancy outdid herself with a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner.  We had all the classics, the twins tried a little turkey but mostly stuck to good ‘ol sweet potatoes and green beans.  It was a lot of work for her, hopefully next year I can help more and add more than an apple pie to the feast.  So a big thank you to Aunt Nancy for the lovely dinner and also for procuring the 2 loaner high chairs we used for the weekend.  They were a huge help.

Checking out their fancy dinner plates
With Alicia and Halyna



Also my dad and brother Ben hosted a big Hanukkah party at the house on Saturday night which was so much fun!  Ben hand grated 20 lbs of potatoes for latkes, my dad cooked 2 giant brisket overnight in the oven, I whipped up a sponge cake, Jess tornado cleaned the house (well, it looked as if a tornado had hit it so she hit the mess fast and furious…like a tornado, you know what I mean).  It was a super fun dinner, the twins did well in the large crowd, and were treated with lots of lovely holiday gifts from their great grandparents and aunts and cousins.  AND their cousins helped get them ready for bed too.  What a fun trip!

Not cute of the twins, but Sophie and Chloe look great
With Aunt Rachie
With my big brother and sister, nieces, and Nate
With Aunt Terri, I’m so sorry your eyes are closed but I thought you would like to see it!

The day before we left for Pittsburgh we had a visit from Alexa and Chris, we are too lucky!!  She is performing in the White Christmas tour and they drove down all the way from Milwaukee to see us for just a few hours.  Amazing.


Here’s a few I took this week too.  It is getting harder and harder to take nice photos where both are in focus.




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