Winter Is Here

And it’s cold.  Nothing much to do much play indoors, cause it’s too cold for babies to be walking around outside, brrrr!

So awhile back I had marked on my calendar the 38th week since the babies were born so I could take this picture:


I apologize for my outfit, I’m not generally a “leggings as pants” kind of person, but there’s no one home to judge me all day so that’s what I wear all the time.  Man, every time I look at a picture of me when I’m pregnant I am SO happy my babies are on the OUTSIDE.  Anywho, look at the size of those babies!!  I’m guessing LJ is around 18.5 and Teddy maybe a 17.5.  They have a 9mth check up next week so we’ll see then.

Here are a few of them from today wearing their snazzy new, and cozy warm sweaters from their Great Aunt Nancy





That’s it kids, stay warm out there…and feel free to come visit us.  I would LOVE someone to talk to during the day who doesn’t respond with raspberries and aaaddadadadadada bababbb mamamamambbbbbbbbadada ahhhaaaaaaaaahaaaa! all day long.  Which is super cute, but a girl needs a break here and there.  Cheers!


5 thoughts on “Winter Is Here

  1. You look beautiful in both pictures! Comfort level might be another story but you look great. Lots of hugs and kisses from me for all you guys! xo

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