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9 Months at Christmas-time


Christmas Goose and Christmas Bear PJs

First holiday greetings to all, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and is looking forward to starting off 2014 in style!  I am totally looking forward to the coming year.  2013, while magical and all, had its rough moments (hours/days/weeks/months) and 2014 will be better just by the fact that I’m starting it with 2 new little blue-eyed people who make me smile and laugh every day.  And speaking of…

The twins had their 9 month wellness checkup last week, and everyone is doing very well, no shots this time either thank goodness.

Theodore: 17lb 2oz, 27 3/4 inches long.  Percentiles: 50% length, 10% weight and head size

Lucie June: 18lb 4oz, 27 1/4 inches long.  Percentiles: 50% length and weight, 75% head size

Everyone is holding to the same curve which is what the Dr is looking for, she said to be sure to encourage healthy fats in their solid foods since at this age babies tend to lose a little weight with all the movement and activity they’re involved in.  So keep up with eggs, avocado, also a whole milk yogurt and cottage cheese, cheese, a little butter and olive oil on their veggies, beans, that sort of thing.  She recommended the only things to wait to introduce are honey, nuts, and strawberries.  They also had their hemoglobin and lead levels tested with a little finger-prick blood test, which I didn’t know was coming, but it was fine.  I need to offer foods rich in iron since those levels were a touch low.  Time for red meat!  Chicken is a favorite these days, and any fruit is a winner.

New tricks include tongue “clicking” (thanks to Aunt Donna :), they do it to each other now and have whole conversations in squeals and clicks.  Teddy is licking everything, not just putting it in his mouth but actively licking stuff.  He is also CLIMBING (my relatives should immediately draw comparisons to Rebecca, uh oh), and still no teeth.  They both like to “finger-walk” like Lucie is doing with her grandmother Mama Patti in the first photo.  Lucie has a favorite toy, a little silicone purple spatula that she waves around like a magic wand.  She takes it everywhere, you can see her showing it to her cousin in the next photo.  She also loooooves animals.  I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, he’s been doing it awhile now, but Teddy rolls his head around to music and dances.  I will try to get it on video.

We had a busy weekend leading up to Christmas and lots of visits with family.  And of course lots of firsts for the twins…1st Christmas PJs were among the highlights… So these are a mishmash of photos from the last week, Cheers!

I think purple velvet may be her color
with Aunt Molly and cousin Ainslie



with Aunt Samantha and Uncle Bryan


Our first Christmas!


One thought on “9 Months at Christmas-time

  1. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas 🙂 Love the photos! Lucie is killing me with her expressions and Teddy is so dapper….AND THOSE CHEEKS!! come on

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