Milestones · Twins

New Tricks

I finally caught it on video!  I’ve been trying all week but every time I whip out the phone to video them, they are all over me like ants on… like a fat kid on… well what’s the non-offensive expression?  White on rice.  The babes are on me like white on rice.  There you have it.

Among their other new tricks is belly button hunting.  When Will gets home from work he lays on the floor to let them play around him and I exclaim, “Where’s dada’s belly button??  Show me!  Show me!”  And they literally stand up next to his belly, pull up his shirt, and stick their fingers in his belly button.  I die, I die, it’s so funny!  Lucie loves pointing at stuff all of a sudden.  She uses her pointer finger for everything.  Scratching my eyebrow, petting the kitty, showing pictures in books, touching stuff in general I guess.  Both of them are practicing standing unassisted and are getting pretty good.  No one is brave enough yet to take any steps without hanging onto something, but the balance is certainly improving!  I bet in another week or so they’ll be attempting a step or two.

What else…new foods…  Recently they’ve eaten black beans, broccoli, fish, basmati rice, cheese crackers, couscous, and canned cat food (they’ve tried the dry variety already).

The nasty cold the twins got after Christmas is still hanging around.  Thank goodness for the nasal aspirator, I never before have appreciated the ability to blow my nose.  Or really, the ability for other people to blow their own noses.  I am spending whole days snot-sucking/covered in snot from them rubbing faces on my legs and shoulders.  Gross.  So far my baby cold remedies are as follows:

  1. Nosefrida nasal aspirator, and nasal saline drops
  2. Humidifier in the nursery
  3. Steam; every night before bathtime/bedtime we turn the bathroom into a steam room and sit in there as long as we can stand it

Those three things seem to really help the congestion and are keeping things moving.  It doesn’t help the constantly running noses or the awful chesty coughs.  I don’t know how to help those coughs!  I rub a little baby Vicks on their chests which smells really soothing, but I doubt it does anything.  Thank goodness they’re still sleeping decently, and they’re definitely napping longer than normal the past week.  So hopefully this cold goes away SOON. 

Kitty Hunting

Stay tuned this week for a 10 month birthday post!  DSC_0968 DSC_0970


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