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10 Months!


Holy Cow, 10 Months.  To celebrate we took them to see the pediatrician this morning to check out those coughs.  What grand fun.

So we’re on a whole regimen of inhalers and antibiotics for the next 2 weeks, more grand fun.  On the plus side, their coughing and raspy breathing is better already.  And as a reward for all of my snot-sucking there are no ear infections though so there’s one in my column.  Also their weights are exactly the same as last month, which is pretty normal I guess considering all the moving and grooving they’re doing these days.

Will and I went on a little afternoon date on Sunday to see the Blackhawks game and left the twins with my good friend Molly and her sister Becca as sitters.  They did a fab job!  It helps that the twins have a pretty exact schedule and are well trained to go down for naps and things.  It makes leaving them with sitters a breeze.  The only mistake I made was assuming everyone knows how to work our diapers…they seem so easy to me that I forget sometimes they need a little explanation.  Well when Lucie got up from her nap and after playing a little bit I noticed that her pants were wet.  Which is weird since we generally don’t have leaks or blowouts or anything.  So I check her diaper and whoops!  Molly had put one of our overnight diapers on her which require a cover to be waterproof.  It works so well she wore it for hours before it soaked through to the outer part of the diaper.  It was a learning moment for me, next time I’ll remember tell our sitter which diaper to use.  Anyway, thank you for coming Molly, T and LJ told me that they loooooved playing with you!

That’s it Fort Pitt.  Cheers everyone, have a good week!





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