Milestones · Twins

Major Milestone

For Miss Lucie June!  She’s walking, officially…

I’m positive Teddy isn’t far behind.  They both took their first official steps about a week ago, just one or two quick ones.  Teddy stands very well, he is very sturdy on his feet, but he is a very fast crawler so maybe he is content with that for the moment.  LJ just sorta put it all together yesterday.  What do ya know, 10.5 months and walking.

Here’s another video, I was putting away clothes in their room just after they were up from a nap the other day and put them both in one crib.  Such a novelty!  They had a ball headbutting and chewing on each other.  Wild babies!

Happy February everyone!


4 thoughts on “Major Milestone

  1. Way to go, Lucie! And the video in the crib is so cool. Their interaction is so fun. I love how they get so excited 🙂

    1. Isn’t it funny? The screeching is ear splitting, but they love tackling one another and passing toys back and forth. I feel like they’re super lucky to have another little person to play with all the time 🙂

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