Monthly Markers · Twins

11 Months Old

Holy Crap they’re almost 1.  Before our “11 Month” photos, I have pictures from their little friend Abby’s 1st birthday party on Feb.1.  Our friend Jason was there as well and snapped a few of the twins.  I wish I could bring him along everywhere we go, I adore his photographs! 015__DSC9625



They’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks practicing their toddling.  Step-step-step-step-step BOOM on the butt.  And repeat.  I am happy their fluffy cloth diapers seem to cushion the falls because fall they do.  A lot.  Their methods of walking are so cute, Teddy lifts his knees really high and flaps his feet down and Lucie walks around on her toes with almost straight legs swinging them around step by step. Their balance has improved considerably over the past week and I’m sure they’ll be off and running in another week.

WalkingNew tricks for Lucie June include waving hello, finding her belly, and playing “how big is Lucie?”  She also enjoys pointing at stuff (pictures, people, cats) playing with outerwear, especially a particular blue hat with tassels, and walking around with blankets over her head.




New tricks for Theodore include waving, sticking his tongue out and making a thbbbbb noise, and walking/crawling? around in a lunge position.  He loves playing with socks of all varieties, and constantly is pulling them out of the laundry baskets and off of his feet, and holding them in his mouth.  He is allllll smiles these days. DSC_0031


DSC_0022Last week we had a wonderful and very fast visit with my dad.  I can’t believe I forgot to snap even one photo.  Leading up to their 1st birthday, there’s lots of fun stuff going on, and hopefully the weather will warm up enough to start going on walks again as we get into March.  Happy 11 months to my favorite little munchkins!



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