I don’t like to make it a habit to complain about the weather.  If it’s 45 below, my whining about it isn’t going to change anything.  BUT I’VE HAD IT.  Seriously.  It was so beautiful yesterday.  We went on a long walk, stopping at the muddy swampy park to play on the swings, soak up some vitamin D, and enjoy some fresh air.  It really wasn’t even all that warm.  It’s just that it’s been so damn cold that a sunny 51 degrees felt flippin amazing.  And today dawned…high of 40, a fresh foot of snow in the forecast.  Sigh.  Winter is here forever.  So, here’s another day of my toddling terrors creating a ruckus in the apartment.

Kitty Hunting…Mike is looks thrilled




Fresh notes on Theodore.  He finally has his first tooth!!  It came through last week after a few bad nights and more than a few bad days.  Also he was looking like such a ragamuffin, I took some scissors to his mop of hair and trimmed him up a bit.  It is far from professional, but at least he doesn’t have hair in his eyes and ears anymore.

One lone tooth


Notes on LJ…she is obsessed with wearing stuff over her head and around her neck.  Today she wore one of Will’s scarfs around for the better part of 2 hrs.  And she is constantly playing peek-a-boo with blankets and hats and things over her head, and trying to walk around when her eyes are covered.  What a hilarious weirdo, I love it.




That’s all I got tonight kids.  Look for us next week though with lots going on!  We have visitors coming!  And a BIIIIIIIIG birthday coming up a week from Thursday!  If you know me at all, you know I have grand designs on birthday cakes (you read that right, plural cakes), and if we’re lucky some nice photos to commemorate the big #1.  Ciao tutti.


2 thoughts on “WHERE IS SPRING?

  1. The picture of the two of them in the lazy Susan cabinet is wonderful. Just wait until they start pulling things out. Grandpa Jeff

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