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They’re 1!

They’ve actually been 1 for one whole week!  We’ve been crazy busy with visitors and birthday fun, and I’m just getting around to posting some pictures, my apologies!  My mama came to visit bearing some fantastic handmade gifts that have gone over very big with the wee toddlers, check it out…

Teddy making his introductions
Cowgirl Lucie looooves her pony

And their very own teepee!  These are some lucky kids, I need to take a nicer picture of the teepee, it’s so freaking adorable.  These kids love walking in and out of it all day long..  The ponies live inside after bedtime 🙂

DSC_3430In basic twin news, they had their 1 yr checkup last Thursday.  Everyone is growing like they should.  Lucie weighed in at 20lbs and 29.6in putting her in the 65%.  Teddy weighed in at a slight 18lbs and 29.1in putting him in the 25%.  LJ really is putting some distance between herself and Teddy in the weight department.  What’s funny is they literally eat the same things.  She probably drinks more milk than he does, but I do my best to keep it pretty even.  Which brings me to…WEANED (mostly) !  They are on 98% cows milk!  No more pumping!  I thought this day would never come, and it’s HERE, and it’s GLORIOUS.  I am still nursing Lucie just at bedtime, and Teddy is getting a bedtime bottle with a little breastmilk mixed in.  I guess I am just really attached to that nursing session and am not ready to give it up yet, she would probably be fine.  I’ll give it another week or two, but I think by 13 months we’ll finish up.

On their actual birthday Thursday the 20th, we celebrated with a trip to the pediatrician’s office for the wellness checkup, and a late afternoon walk to the park to play on the swings.  As you can tell they love the swings.  I think mostly they love a chance to breathe some fresh air (even when it’s chilly…seriously, it’s March 27th, it’s time for a warm-up).  They grinned the whole time and giggled and made us all laugh as well.


IMG_3396The following day we took an outing to the Lincoln Park Zoo which is really nearby to us here in the city.  Lucie pointed at the ducks and Teddy waved at the chimps.  Uncle Ben dutifully followed toddlers around the monkey house and pointed out the cool stuff to see.


Zoo2The next day we hosted a little family party to celebrate with the rest of the local family.  I (per usual) didn’t take any photos, so I have a few of birthday cakes and that’s it sadly.  Cousins Jack and Ainslie were here to play and show T and L how cool being a “big kid” is, I wish I had a few of them together because they’re all so darn cute.  I went all out on cake this year and made each twin their very own iced and sprinkled cake to enjoy.  They didn’t smush and smash as much as I expected, and I think Lucie would rather have had some avocado or something in front of her.





IMG_3644The rest of the birthday weekend was spent playing and working out post-vaccination crabbiness with crappy naps and cranky-pants attitudes…which really just lead to more stories and playing, so a win for Mama B and OB (Uncle Ben).  The twins and are I looking forward to another OB travel experience in less than a month when we ALL (including my mother and sister Jess too!) head to San Antonio to play in the summer sun with the Rickels.  It’s gonna be so awesome.  Their pool will be open, it will be warmer than 40 degrees, and so. many. toddlers. to play with.  The twin cousins will be 16 mths, L and T will be 13 mths, let the ruckus commence!





IMG_3323Once again, most photo creds go to my mom (thanks for remembering to take pictures).  Hope everyone is having a good week, Happy Spring to all!  Oh and here is a parting newborn picture to remember how Lucie June and Teddy entered this world in all their squirming, screaming, infant deliciousness one whole long wonderful year ago.  Cheers!DSC_0547


One thought on “They’re 1!

  1. It’s AMAZING, they look exactly the same now as they did on their BIRTH day! I adore that photo of Teddy riding his pony. He is the spitting image of you!! Can’t wait for the 4 tiny toddler tornados running amuck and making us all laugh uncontrollably!!

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