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A Little Nursery DIY

Lucie June has gone beaver on her crib.  I mean, a few weeks ago I put my hand onto the top rail and it felt funny.  My first thought was is there dried food on this?  Because sometimes I put my hand somewhere and find dried food (chewed and smushed crackers, a little oatmeal someone found on their sock, etc).  Not this time.  When I glanced on the inside of her crib rail it was chewed the entire length.  She’s been sharpening her munchkin teeth on her crib…she’s as bad as a teething puppy.  As I started to look into rail guards made to protect cribs from this sort of thing, I noticed they were all kind of expensive, and most of them are “flame resistant.”  I feel like if my kids are going to be chewing on it I’d rather it not be covered in chemicals if I can help it.  My mom suggested wrapping the rail in fleece.  Genius!  I went straight to Joann Fabrics bought a few yards of fleece for a few bucks and whipped up a DIY rail guard for both cribs (cause Teddy is bound to do this too as soon as he grows more than 1 measly tooth).  It took 3 strips about 2.5 yards in length to wrap one long rail on each crib.  I did this about a week ago and so far it’s working out great.  Nothing has unraveled, and the kids aren’t messing with it at all.  I’m calling it a win!

I cut long strips 4 inches wide, it didn’t need to be exact so I just used the tape measure for a guide.
I guessed I would need 3-4 strips for a side (there’s something to be said for the ease of winging it…when it works out).
I wrapped the length in one direction
And wrapped the opposite way so to create an “X” for coverage. When I needed to extend the strip I tucked it under the 1st wrap-job and continued.
Another view of the up and back wrapping
Finished job, to tie it off at the far end (where I began wrapping) I just pulled everything really tight and tucked the ends under.

I realized that I never put up any photos of the nursery, so that last group of photos is just really so you can see how the awesome tree decals turned out.  The other end of the room is simply a rocking chair, a side table, and a small dresser.  That’s Teddy’s bed on the left, and Lucie’s on the right.

Happy Birthday to my dad Grandpa Eddie!  Only 10 more days til Texas!


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