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3 Zillion Pictures

Most are Becca’s of course.  I added some here from my phone.  For the rest, I’m linking you to Becca’s Blog where she put up all of them:
Four Tiny Hands and Feet

Last are the gorgeous photos taken by aforementioned sister. So enjoy some of Lucie June and Teddy’s 1 year old photos!

We had the most glorious week in San Antonio.  The weather was beautiful, the company was fun, the travel was hell.  I’m not looking to do any trips without Will around, any time in the future.  1 year olds are not easy to travel with, and I actually missed traveling with 3 month olds and worrying about pumping and all the other stresses about traveling with infants.  1 year olds are such a funny in-between age.  The useful tricks for tiny babies are of zero use, and they’re still too little for distractions that bigger toddlers enjoy – like videos or digital games.  Our travel days were further complicated by an unexpected 6 hour layover, “stranger danger” (poor Uncle Ben), a damaged stroller, “lost” reservations, etc.  Honestly almost everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong.  It’ll be better next time, right?

2014-04-14 15.13.45
crisis moment: locked in a family bathroom blasting white noise and pacing. dear lord let them sleep
2014-04-16 13.14.09
1st time sitting in grass
2014-04-17 19.22.53
how many kids in a tub?
2014-04-18 16.25.13
Kaleb pushing, Aiden riding

2014-04-18 13.27.59 2014-04-18 13.28.17

What’s next on our activity agenda?  A possible visit with Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dennis next week…Mother’s Day (I WILL get pictures with the Haunty cousins this time!)…lot’s of good stuff.  Here’s to spring weather!  Enjoy the pretty pictures










One thought on “3 Zillion Pictures

  1. These are absolutely beautiful pictures Julia! You and the children are BEAUTIFUL! I’m glad you survived your travel nightmare, holy cannoli! You are a strong woman and mama! xo

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