Toddler Twins

Teddy’s First Haircut

Don’t worry!  His curls are still intact.  We decided to just get the surfer hair out of his eyes/ears/neck.  Will was going for a haircut Saturday morning so we all tagged along and his barber managed to squeeze Teddy in at the end for a little snip here snip there.  He did a good job without squirming around too much.


The rest of our weekend was pretty relaxing.  Saturday afternoon we took a LONG walk to a new playground where they had big water fountains going over a big splash pad.  Oh man, toddler heaven.  Lucie especially, laughed and screamed with delight walking under the showers of water and soaking all of her clothing.  Teddy loved it too, but seemed to prefer picking up all of the stones on the ground and licking them.  Oh toddlers.  So, we chose to go to this particular new playground because of it’s proximity to my favorite place in all Chicago-land.  No it’s not a bakery, butcher, or dress shop.  Scooter’s Frozen Custard.  Yum.  Every day they have a special flavor and Saturday was Nutella day!   The twins didn’t get nutella (time enough in their lives for chocolate), but while Will and I waited on our milkshakes (if you’ve never had a nutella-banana milkshake you are missing one of the finest things on planet EARTH) they enjoyed their very own baby size vanilla cone.  And did they ever love them.  But who am I kidding?  Of COURSE they loved ice cream cones.  They’re toddlers, not aliens.

We spent the rest of our delightful weekend hanging outside, smelling flowers, napping, playing in our little backyard pool.  Pretty great weekend, this one.IMG_20140531_131020 IMG_20140530_170620 IMG_20140531_160139I almost forgot!  The weekend before Will and I went to a friend’s wedding and the twins and I spent our first night apart.  We all survived, and happily I must say!  Will and I stayed a night in a hotel downtown as a treat on our 3rd wedding anniversary, and Lucie and Teddy stayed the night in the suburbs with their grandparents Cross.  I don’t know who was happier to see us the next day…babies or grandparents…

Joking, joking!  They were all in great spirits playing outside in the green grass when we arrived, none the worse for wear.  I think I was the only one who wasn’t thrilled that afternoon, as I may have overdone it just a tad at the wedding.  It was worth it.  Stomachache and all!

This is today, enjoying some fresh apricots indoors, we’re all nursing some runny noses and taking a day off to play inside.  Cheers!



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