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In some serious Twinny cuteness, Lucie and Teddy love kissing each other.  They do it unprovoked too which is the topper…I say “kisses for Teddy, kisses for Lucie” and kiss each one of them and then they smile at one another and lean in for a smooch.  Seriously?  It’s adorable.  Lucie yesterday starting pinching her nose and saying “ka-ka” because it sounds funny.  She laughs, pinches my nose, laughs, pinches Teddy’s nose, but he doesn’t quite get the game.  Teddy now drives cars around saying “beep beep.”  We were grocery shopping on Monday in one of those double carts with the kid-car that looks like a taxi.  He spun the plastic steering wheel and called out “beep beep” for like 20 minutes.  Too funny!

DSC_3591Remember our Twin Z pillow?  It’s still a favorite around here, we use it every day for playing and it’s great for bedtime stories in the evening.  It really is the best twin thing EVER. DSC_3585 DSC_3595DSC_3596 DSC_3597Lots of fun this weekend, our neighborhood Farmer’s Market opens on Saturday and I am SO excited for the sweet cherries that are coming.  If you’ve never bought cherries at a Farmer’s Market you are missing OUT.  I thought they were good from the grocery store during cherry season and after buying them last summer from the market I am ruined.  I can’t buy them from the store ever again.  Now, I’ve been pretty open about how things are better elsewhere in the country.  Lake Michigan is pretty and all, but it’s not the beach people.  I have trouble finding the beauty in the flat-lands, I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where there are beautiful rolling hills, winding river valleys, and deep green sunny woods.  Once you get past the sad old houses running up the hillsides, dilapidated steel mills, and rusty train yards (all of which give the city is wonderful character), it’s so gorgeous.  My point here is that there are a few things that are the BEST about the midwest:

  1. Sweet Corn
  2. Hot Dogs, these people know how to eat encased meats.
  3. Michigan Cherries
  4. I feel like there’s a 4th one but I can’t think of it right now; it’s definitely not the pizza, deep dish is not my jam. It’s probably another food though, why are all my favorite things food?
a sample with a few broken cookies

So after all that post-market on Saturday I am escaping for a few hours to attend a friend’s baby shower.  I’ve been busy all week baking gluten-free biscotti (for the special gluten-free mama-to-be) to package up all pretty for the shower.  It’s such a nice way to spend nap time.  I love having fun projects like that, and Lucie and Teddy are most excellent taste testers.  I’d much rather bake than clean house (who likes to clean house!?  If you are one of these people, wanna come clean my house?  I just vacuumed this morning and consider it a major accomplishment).  On Sunday (happy Father’s Day!) we are thinking about riding bikes down to the park where Will plays softball since we finally found some bike helmets that fit the twins.  They received a super awesome bike trailer for their birthday and we’ve been dying to use it for more than a spin around the block.  We’re gonna be brave and bike in the city.  Wish us luck!


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