Monthly Markers

15 Months Old!

Lucie and Teddy went this morning for their wellness check.  All is well, they had all their vitals checked, routine vaccinations, and a blood test for iron levels.  Their hemoglobin tested for low iron so they have to take a supplement everyday, and we go back in a month to re-check levels.  Looks like I am pushing spinach and lentils on the menu for the next few weeks.  The twins are pumped.

Teddy: 18 lbs 11oz, 30.12 in, overall 5th percentile

Lucie: 21 lbs 14 oz, 31.42 in, overall 65th percentile

Teddy has always been a peanut, it’s just crazy the size difference between them.  Lucie is wearing 12-18mth clothing and he is still comfortably wearing a lot of 12 mth size stuff.  But their overall development is pretty similar.  She babbles “words” a little more than he does, but they both have similar play behaviors, both make fishy-faces, and he gives extra excellent kisses.

Lots of fun stuff coming up, and a busy weekend ahead.  We’re headed to the suburbs to celebrate the 2nd birthday of L and T’s cousin Ainslie, and tomorrow we get to hang out a bit with my sister-in-law Annie who is in town to visit with her boyfriend.  And in only 2 weeks we are flying to the mountains to visit my Mama and sister.  I am very happy that Will is coming with us this time,  the Chicago-San Antonio flight was so traumatic I am still not ready to fly sans Dada.  Anyways, enjoy the weekend of summer everyone!

Sorry the lighting is dark on their faces in the photos, I’m not photo-savvy enough to know how to fix it.

DSC_3602 DSC_3606 DSC_3624 DSC_3627 DSC_3631


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