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Living the Colorado Dream

For our family vacation this summer we flew to Colorado to visit my family in the mountains.  It was a very quick long weekend and filled with fun.  We threw our beloved schedule out for the weekend and the twins did just fine.  Friends came up from Denver to spend the day with us on Saturday, we went on a long hike up to Windy Ridge to check out the Bristle Cone Pinetrees (Bristle Cones are so cool, they are the oldest living things on Earth!).  It was Teddy’s 1st time above tree line, which was awesome.  Lucie turned around a little early with Will and some others.  To be fair, the mosquitoes were the freakin worst.

photo 1 IMG950951_2 IMG950953_2 The next day we took advantage of a beautiful evening and drove down into Summit County for dinner at a family favorite Brew Pub and a free concert overlooking the reservoir in Dillon.  It was Teddy and Lucie’s first time out to dinner and they did fabulously.  They enjoyed their meal, sharing food and drink with the family, and loved all the people watching!  They loved the music during the concert, Teddy did his little knee-bending dance moves and put on a show of his own.  We ducked out a little early and I was stopped by a gentleman who wanted to tell me how much he and his wife enjoyed watching the twins do their twin thing on the blankets.  Their “twinnylove” sure does shine sometimes! IMG_20140706_174500IMG_20140706_174517IMG_20140706_183153IMG950968_2IMG_20140706_183445IMG_20140706_185033IMG950989_2Most of our vacation was spent playing at Mama B’s house.  They loved this cart, which we kids used to push around in a similar fashion.       IMG_20140707_091323IMG950960_2

We spent our last full afternoon walking around Breckenridge enjoying the sunshine and shopping a little.  We stopped for lunch by the little mountain river that flows through the center of the village.  Lucie was dead set on going IN.  I dunked her toes, to her ankles, to her knees in the cold cold water (snow melt, people), and she was not deterred!  Teddy had one touch of one toe in the water an pulled up his legs.  IMG_20140707_142836Overall the actual traveling when really well.  The way there was a little rough, Teddy threw up all over my shirt (he was enjoying snacks 5 minutes afterwards so apparently nothing was really wrong).  They wanted nothing to do with sitting sitting on our laps of course and hung out mostly in the aisle or in the space under our feet.  It’ll be so much easier to travel with them when they will sit and watch a video on the iPad or color, or something besides wriggle around.  My advice to others traveling with toddlers between the ages of baby and kid who don’t like to nap-on-the-go is: snacks are good, bring lots.


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