Mama-hood · Twins


Earlier this week friends came to play with the kids (Thanks Monica and Ross!) while I went to have my teeth cleaned (fun morning off, right?). They walked up to the park and videoed Lucie on the swings with a GoPro camera, it’s pretty cute. Mostly because it gives you a sense of what it would be like to swing with Lucie, fun!

So since I checked in last, we were so lucky to have a visit from Alexa and Chris.  Lucie and Teddy totally showed off for Aunt Lexa, and were so well behaved!  Alexa is expecting her first baby in October and I am so excited for her.  We spent a lovely relaxing weekend together and even enjoyed a little brunch by ourselves.  How lucky!  I feel so fortunate to have such amazing friendships from childhood.  I love that we’ve known each other since we were 11, that we get to experience mama-hood together, and raise our babies like cousins (albeit, long distance cousins).  Mostly I love her and can’t wait to go meet baby boy after he arrives.  Thanks for coming to visit us Lexa!




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