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Another First!

Today is a muggy, rainy, summer day.  We had a pool day planned with some friends, but it was cancelled and I was left to my own devices.  Lucie and Teddy slept in until 8:30am (8:30…just in case you missed that).  The latest EVER.  I had breakfast and enjoyed a cup of tea all before they woke up for the day.  How wonderful!

This good start gave me courage.  I was very brave and took Lucie and Teddy out to lunch on my own.  And they were so well behaved!  I think they’re faking me out.  I bet the next time we walk in to a restaurant to have a meal without a second adult as backup they go bonkers and I never try again.  We went to a Panera Bread, and it was packed.  The manager who was handling the food pickup line was kind enough to carry my tray to my table for me since I was already carrying 2 toddlers and my bag.  We sat at a little table with the one available highchair in the place, sandwiched next to a group of teenage girls who were just delightful.  You heard me right, high school girls who were dressed appropriately, conversing pleasantly about school and topical news (what??!!) and were all meeting up to go back-to-school shopping.  Seriously, I hope LJ is just like them in about 13 years.  One of them even offered to snap a picture since it was our first lunch date together.  I almost asked her to babysit for me next week.  Ha!  Oh, and yesterday was T and LJ’s 17mth birthday.  Almost time for half-birthday celebrating!!!
imageAnd just because it’s adorable, here is a video of your favorite boy/girl twins loving on each other…

In other updates, Lucie’s favorite new words are “butt” and “baby”, and I’m almost certain she said “shoes please” the other day.  It could have been an accident, but that’s a sentence kids!

Teddy is really sticking with “truck” (guck) and makes sure to point out every single ambulance, fire truck, bulldozer, bus, or pickup he sees and hears with about 8 guck, guck, guck, guck, etc…

Next week we’re going to Pittsburgh to visit everyone!  Wish us luck on the road, we’re driving this time, with Aunt Nancy, and cross your fingers for lots of napping.



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