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18 Months!

Just some quick stats here today! The appointment was a breeze, L and T had a great time checking into cabinets and drawers and pushing the stool around in the office while we waited for various people to come back to us.

She was singing to herself while pushing the stool
who can crawl into that space under the desk first?
how many times can I bang these doors before Mom tells me to stop?
let’s try driving my shoe across the floor

wpid-img_20140919_100601.jpgLucie: 31.25 inches, 24 lbs 0 oz, she’s 50% for height and 80% weight-height ratio.

Teddy: 30.75 inches, 20 lbs 2 oz, he’s about 5-10% across the board.

Teddy finally cracked 20 lbs!  Took him 18 month what takes most babies less than a year to do.  I love that he’s a squirt.  Both are following their individual growth patterns, and Teddy is hitting all of his physical and mental milestones on time.  Lucie is above average with her verbalization as she can put together two words (just yesterday she said “Mama, cheese” clear as a bell at lunchtime when we were, in fact, eating cheese).  Dr. Segall said to me “I don’t like to say this in front of them, but B-O-Y-S sometimes are a little S-L-O-W-E-R.”  I like that she spelled out the words, too funny.

There are so many new words lately. Lucie says “I love you” eye ou and “night-night” n-eye-n-eye.  Teddy says “kitty” ki-ki and “peas” peeeeeee.  They also do SO many animal noises.  Dog, Cat, Monkey, Gorilla (yes, they’re different), Lion, Tiger, Bear, Crow, Fish (lips), Sea Gull, Cow, Horse, Snake, and so on.  They even make them to the right animals when we go to the zoo, smarty-pants toddlers!

We went to the bakery for cookies after vaccinations, because, cookies make everything better.  And that is all!


One thought on “18 Months!

  1. Love Lucie’s little pink romper!! Looks so comfy I want it in my size! The boys started saying night night last yesterday after I found out Lucie June was enjoying that one! Now they like to peak their heads around the door frame saying night-night and waving until you say it back and wave five-hundred times. Congrats to the 20lb bear! Woohoo

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