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Just a Frog and an Owl

wpid-img_20141025_104702.jpgThis past weekend was pretty wonderful.  The weather was a brilliant 70 degrees.  Our neighborhood had it’s local business district Trick-or-Treat, and my Mom and her guy Michael spent the whole wonderful day with us.  They were on their way home to the Rockies from a trip to see his family in NY/our family in OH (it’s kinda weird that I have a fairly large family unit in OH these days), and happily it worked out just perfectly to stop here midway.  We lucked out with a few hand-me-down costumes from a friend, which are my favorite kind of Halloween costumes…the kind that require zero extra effort and even less money.  And they were just perfect.  They didn’t mind the outfits whatsoever, and didn’t care so much about the candy…with exception of lollipops.  Oh, how they love lollipops!

A stop into our corner brewery for a few beer samples…Trick-or-Treat for adults!

IMG_5858 IMG_5852 IMG_5841

Later that day we took a walk to the park, where my mom had the kiddies laughing SO HARD on the swings.  I wish we could spend more time together.  By the end of the day, Lucie and Teddy could call her Bee-Bee which is pretty darn cute as well.  We all miss you Bee-Bee!


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