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Little Miss No

For those of you who haven’t seen this video yet…

Upon viewing, both of my parents agreed “just like her mother.”  It’s cute for now, but we’ll see how cute it is when she really means it.  She’s still figuring out what “no” means I think.  Like tonight, she used it perfectly at story-time right before bed.  Will said “OK time to brush our teeth.”  Lucie responded very emphatically “No,” signed “more,” and went to pick another book to read.  So clearly, she gets it.

wpid-img_20141027_120928.jpgThis is from Monday, we were watching for the Fire Truck we could hear coming up the street.  They get so excited for the sirens, and say “guc!” “weee-oo weee-oo.”  Then they clap after the truck/ambulance/police car passes by.  It’s adorable, even though I’m unsure how appropriate the clapping is.


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