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The Nature Preserve

A few months ago Will found a small nature preserve just a few minutes drive from us. It’s right in the middle of the city and is a little woodsy piece of heaven. Lucie and Teddy love it there too. They can run all around without me yelling “STOP” at them every 5 feet (they do actually listen to that command) and touch sticks, rocks, leaves, anything and everything. We see lots of animals too, especially deer. We have been going twice a week almost, and the last few weeks it’s been especially great. I love the cold crisp weather, and their little noses get all pink. Everyone stays cozy in hats, jackets, and running about. Lucie is crazy for all of the crunchy fallen leaves. Teddy loves pushing dirt around with sticks. My special treat is a dunkin donuts coffee and since I don’t need my hands to push/carry/pull toddlers around I actually get to drink it HOT. This brief time between fall and winter might be my favorite. You can smell the snow coming our way, the world feels like it gets a little less busy, everything is crunchy underfoot, and corduroy comes out of the closet.

These pictures are from last Thursday and this morning.  After voting in the mid-term elections we headed outside to enjoy the pleasantly chilly, albeit grey, morning.  Any of the sunny pictures are from last week.  Cheers!









One thought on “The Nature Preserve

  1. I can’t believe this place is right in the city!!! A real hidden treasure!!!!! Love that video so much. The hats and jackets are little disguises. Lucie looks about 8 years old.

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