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Two, two, two

It is Lucie and Teddy’s 20 mth marker today, only 4 more months and I’m officially stopping this counting months nonsense.
Anyways, this week both twins are grasping the concept of counting.  It’s pretty cute.  Check out the video, Lucie is counting cars as they go by.  We haven’t quite mastered “one, two, three” yet, but I’m impressed!

Lots of fun coming up…  We’re celebrating Thanksgiving with Will’s family this weekend and then again next week with my family.  I’m looking forward to giving hugs all around!  It’s my favorite holiday by a mile.  I can’t quite dominate like last year when I was on my awesome “I’m breastfeeding twins and can eat anything” diet, but I foresee a fair amount of pie in my future, yay!

It’s been pretty brutally cold around here this week, so we’re doing a lot of staying inside which stinks, but we bundled up and braved the wind for a quick walk around the block the other day and again today.  Brrrr!


And as I’m writing this post I received the news my dear friend Molly and her husband Bryan welcomed their first baby a few hours ago.
Welcome Baby Boy Cameron!
I can’t wait to come meet you, we all love you already ❤️


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