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Infants No Longer

We switched out Lucie and Teddy’s trusty old infant car seats, finally, this past weekend. At 21 months, believe it or not, they still have not hit the maximum height or weight limits of their infants seats (35 inches, or 35 pounds). But, I am so annoyed at getting them in and out of those seats, and boy did we get our money out them (they were free, and all but brand new hand-me-down from a twin mom friend), so when I saw a killer deal on a super car seat a few weeks ago I jumped on it.
The kids look so much more comfortable! And I am much happier with the lack of struggle it takes to get them in and out of their car seats.


GiGi (GreatGrandma Marilyn) gave Lucie and Teddy these super comfy blankets a few weeks ago. I wrapped up L and asked if she was warm and cozy. She demands to be “co-ey” like 14 times a day now. And then Teddy asks to watch choo-choos on TV, because thanks to a some amazing gifts from Aunt Terri, we now have Thomas the Tank engine on DVD. So the kids get co-ey and watch choo-choo videos while I get dinner together. Win win.


And a video just for fun. Happy first night of Chanukah, we lit candles and ate latkes and applesauce to celebrate. Teddy gave the menorah and its candles a perfectly timed wooooooow which was a pretty great Chanukah present for me.


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