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Our Playroom

We have a small extra room in our apartment. It’s served a number of functions in the last few years. Library, pop-up guest room (with a truly deluxe air mattress), and storage space. It has a small closet (filled with wrapping paper, never used board games, and a filing cabinet, and a curtain for a door. We city dwellers become pretty adept at creating multipurpose spaces. The room’s next life is twin play space. Over the past couple of months I’ve cleared out almost all of the adult stuff in there with the exception of a few rows of books (and that closet full of crap that can probably be thrown out), and installed the Teepee, the majority of the toys, and their fancy Chanukah present. Their very own table and chairs! It was love at first site, and they’ve been dragging their little chairs all over the apartment, as they seem to be most enjoying the novelty of sitting on something that is so very toddler-sized. It was a pretty easy DIY project to fancy up a basic $20 IKEA furniture set. All it took was a little paint, 2 pieces of trim, a dowel rod, and a pair of closet pole brackets. Now, fingers crossed to keep the art on the table!  And yes, the rocking hoses live in the teepee.  Cheers!







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