Toddler Twins

2014 In Photos

We watched the clock tick over to 2015 in the fine company of the Smiths.  6 week old baby Cameron was so excited that he didn’t sleep the whole evening, and his parents seriously impressed Will and I by staying at our place through midnight.  I neglected to take a single photo of course.  It was a delightful evening, Lucie and Teddy entertained with their pre-sleep-tired-energy-antics for a full 30 minutes before bedtime, and the grown-ups enjoyed food and cocktails until midnight when we all went immediately to bed.  How things have changed in the last 2 years!  New Year’s Eve 2012 when I was huge and pregnant was spent at a big party where we stayed out well past 2am.

New Year’s Day we visited the Peggy Notebart Nature Museum in the city where we’re lucky enough to know a girl on the “inside” and got to visit some animals behind the scenes.  2 Russian Blue rats surprised me by being absolutely cute, friendly, and fluffy.  Teddy loved them, and Lucie was wow-ed by the turtles.

newyearsday15We have had a busy and happy holiday season, but I am glad to get back to our regular routines.  The kids are in for a rude awakening tomorrow morning when Dada goes back to work and we head our for a Monday Costco restock the house trip.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the past year, here’s looking forward to an adventurous 2015!

DSC_0979 015__DSC9625 IMG_3300 DSC_347720140430-213857.jpg 2014-04-17 19.22.53 DSC_3556 DSC_3595

IMG950960_2 DSC_3840 wpid-img_20140909_105937.jpg DSC_3606 DSC_3679 DSC_3707 DSC_3891 20140917-220056.jpg wpid-img_20140919_100449.jpg DSC_3909 wpid-img_20141025_172818.jpg wpid-img_20141027_120928.jpg

DSC_3469 20140917-220136.jpg wpid-img_20140930_163428nopm.jpg.jpeg 20141104-151813.jpg 20141202-165744.jpg


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