Toddler Twins

The Saddest Girl Ever

Over a Bandaid.
Last night before bed Lucie found a (clean) bandaid. She played with it lovingly for an hour, removing every speck of stickiness from it, touching it to her arms, fingers, lips, knee, etc. She held onto it while she and her brother changed into pjs, read bedtime stories, and said their good nights. Then, when the lights went out, she lost it in the dark. Mama came to the rescue, turned on the lights, searched the blankets, moved her bed from the wall, and discovered the tiny little bandaid, folded almost into obscurity. Poor baby sniffled and cried for long moments after it was back in her sweaty, hysterical grasp. Shush, shush, baby, night-night. I remarked to Will that is the saddest she has ever been about anything, ever.
Mere minutes after Mama left the room, the wha-wha-wha-whhhhyyyyy cries came from The Saddest Girl once again. Mama returned with a solution, a new bandaid to stick to her hand to avoid it becoming lost. She still had the original one clutched in her little fist…to which a fresh bandaid was unceremoniously attached.
She spent the rest of the night in peace and according to Dada, woke up The Happiest Girl Ever.
Today while completing an art project, Saddest Girl returned, over a glue stick.








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